Saturday, June 13, 2009

We Interrupt Scheduled Programing for a Short Plug

I'm a big fan of Patrick Erwin, who writes the A Thousand Other Worlds blog.  IMO, Patrick just about always gets it right. I almost always agree with his analysis of soaps, actors and characters,  and I like to joke that he and I are twins who were separated at birth. (I'm not sure which one of us is Frannie and which is Sabrina...or should that be Vicky/Marley?)

Patrick's recent piece, The Ripple Effect, addresses a significant issue that has virtually gone ignored: the economic implications, across a wide spectrum, of shutting down production of Guiding Light.  I've been thinking for a while about the folks behind the camera, the food services people, the transportation people, the cleaning crew, etc. Patrick delves, further, though...and discusses the economic support soaps provide to actors who do important, but low-paying stage work...stage work that is so important to NYC's tourism industry. Well done, Patrick .

The Ripple Effect is a great read for anyone interested in theater, television production, economics, or just plain, old pop culture. 


Patrick said...

I'll agree to Sonni and Solita - as long as I get to be the bad one = )

Thanks for the shout out!

And BTW, I met Wendy Wasserstein a few years back...she's going to be in a post of mine coming up soon.

Snapper said...

You know i love me some Sonni and Solita, so I'll settle for the good one. (That was Sonni, right?)

How neat that you got to meet WW...her death was so very sad.