Monday, August 31, 2009

Scraps: They're Not Just for Otalia, Anymore

Remember back in the day, when 20 years' service warranted a gold watch? Have you ever wondered what 72 years' of presenting compelling drama to the world warrants? The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences seem to think a couple of minutes of semi-agist jokes (Betty White is so much better than this!) and a montage that lasts less than three minutes, and is made up mostly of new footage does the trick.

This is not the end of Gossip Girl, people. It's not Melrose Place. It's Guiding Light. It's a show that many of us watched at the feet of our mothers and grandmothers. I got an email from someone saying their great-grandmother watched this show and introduced them to it. It's the show that pushed the boundaries for daytime television. And, yeah, I am annoyed about the whole Otalia thing, but I disagree with some folks who were critical of the implication that GL has been ground-breaking and progressive. GL is not all about Otalia. It was around a long, long time before Otalia was even a seed in some writer's brain. In fact, this show has been so ground-breaking and progressive that there should have been an in-depth exploration of it, of the strides GL has made in presenting stories about rape, sexual harassment, breast cancer, abortion, interracial love, PTSD, physical disabilities...the list is a long one. The fact is, The Emmy Awards basically spit on Guiding Light by presenting this measly, weak montage, and then they stomped all over it by cutting to a commercial break as the cast took the stage.

Long-time cast members such as Tina Sloan, Maeve Kinkead, Grant Aleksander, Frank Dicoupolous, Liz Keifer, Ron Raines, Marj Dusay, Michael O'Leary, Kim Zimmer, and Justin Deas (just to name a few) deserve a whole lot better than this.

Anyone else holding out for the 60 Minutes feature?
Until then, check out what someone who clearly gets it calls a tribute:


ocean1blue said...

Amen Snapper! I think they gave more airtime to the standing ovation by the audience. And wasn't it just so insulting how they tried to up the titillation factor by showing the non-kiss twice!! Like all that happens on GL is women kissing, when we haven't had a kiss since. Just FUCBS and FUCW and pretty much just FU everybody involved in this mess.

TheWeyrd1 said...

Thanks for letting me know I apparently didn't really miss anything...sigh. I'm holding out for the 60 minutes there one? Heh.

Rocktoddy said...

Now THAT is a tribute. An appropriate one, giving GL the respect it deserves for its 72 years on air. Love how in the opening credits segment, Natalia, Frank and Olivia are featured last in the new production model opening, as a nod to the Otalia story line. It's not overdone and we know what it means to have them featured there (because Otalia really was the last buzz that GL garnered). THEN it focused on the long, rich history of GL and hell yeah, rightfully so.

Thanks for posting this. It almost washes away last night's "tribute". Almost.

Columbus said...

That video game me the chills. I remember watching live - with my grandmother - when Charita Bauer had her leg amputated and came back to the show. Loved seeing the tribute to all those faces who are no longer with us.

Snapper said...

You might want to go to Youtube and let the person who put that video together know how damned good a job he or she did.