Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Y&R Part 1: This is How You Do It

This will be short and sweet (as opposed to part 2, which will be long and bitter), because the clip speaks for itself.

For a gazillion years, The Young and the Restless has held the top ratings spot for daytime. It's an excellent show with great acting, wonderful writing, great sets, fine production values, and a healthy respect for history and continuity. As I've written in the past, every episode of Y&R is like a mini movie. The sets, the camera work, the blocking, the high def, the sound track, the acting and writing - they're a winning combination.

Anyone who watched October 5th's episode was treated to a little taste of classic soap opera - soap opera the way it used to be, when soaps were truly great. Picture it: evil Victor Newman about to receive a heart transplant from the virtuous, young Colleen Carlton, whose death he is partially responsible for. Every major character in Genoa City is present. Three generations of Newmans and Abbotts. Kay Chancellor. Nikki Reade. Emotions run high. As the episode winds down to the last few moments, the old school Y&R theme begins to play. No dialogue. This is what a hospital set should look like. This is what tight editing looks like. This is what an umbrella story line is all about. This, people, is how it's done.

Next time - Y&R part 2: What the hell are you doing?


DJ Bixby said...

you have me curious for part 2. My mom is a Y&R watcher who has been really fed up & bored recently....she even said she'd consider watching Days with me for CC! I have considered returning to Y&R. Ms. Rowell returning would definitely get me there.

Snapper said...

As far as shear drama/melodrama and interweaving several story lines, no soap is as good as Y&R. The scene in this clip just floored me, because it could easily have come from back in the mid-late 70s, when character-driven drama was the name of the game. I defy anyone who knows the history of Victor, Jack, Ashley, and Nikki to watch this scene and be unmoved by its implications. *What* happens takes a back seat to *who* it's happening to and *why* it's come about. Right there, in one or two screenshots there's:

The Nikki/Victor/Ashley triangle
The Victor/Jack Rivalry
Nikki and Jack's history
Jack and Nick's love/hate relationship
The truth behind Abby's paternity
The Colleen/Victoria rivalry
JT and Victoria's strained marriage
Phyllis and Nick's mess of a marriage
Phyllis and Jack's history
Billy's anguish
Mac and Billy's tortured love
Kay's allegiance to not only Victor and Nikki, but John Abbott
Brad's death, still fresh in our minds

Deep Dish said...

Soap operas don't get much better than what is being shown on The Young and the Restless these days. Any show that makes me cry--as I did during Traci's hospital room goodbye to her daughter--is worth watching. I've been so impressed with the writing and the acting for many months now, and the death of Colleen, the shooting of Victor and the baby switch will keep me tuning in.