Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dribs and Drabs

Time, again, to ramble on a little bit.

The World Stops Turning

Yes, it's over. As The World Turns took its final spin and, while I think it's sad that this genre is slowly dying, I can't say this particular show was worth saving. ATWT had been a mess for a long time. During the last year the writers were phoning it in. It must be frustrating to work for a show that noone wants to support. I'd rather forget the show that ran for the last year or so, and remember the glory days, when ATWT was must-see daytime television. In my opinion, ATWT hit its peak during the days of Josh and Iva's secret coming out into the open....

...and Casey's begging Margo to show mercy, pull the plug, and allow him to die with dignity.

That's the show it's a shame to have lost.

The Mad Women

Can I just say that if you could merge Joan and Peggy, that's the woman I want to marry?

"I'm Stupid"

Republicans Hating Gays? Who'da Thunk?

Someone on the government payroll is using our time and, technically, our PC, to spread hate about the gays. And it ain't a democrat.

File Under WTF?

A tornado hit my old neighborhoodin Brooklyn last week. I have a friend in Chacago who laughed and said "We call that a little wind." Nah, sorry. We had weather as windy as Chicago has when Ilived in Wellington. THIS was a fucking tornado.

This is around the corner from my old house:

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Jenius said...

It's sad ATWT was cancelled, but the show wasn't ever going to get any better. As a fan, I grew tired of characters leaving the canvas because the show couldn't afford the actors' salaries anymore. Everything that happend in the last year was a big tease.

People wanted CarJack, Cranna, and more time spent on the veterans. CarJack's reunion stalled because the writers thought it was a good idea to have them have the same argument they been having for the last ten years. Cranna was a victim of budget cuts; you can't have this couple if Cady McClain isn't playing Rosanna, but somehow the show found money for Mick--the villian with the uncontrollable nosebleed. Unfortunately, the vets were relegated only to holiday episodes.

The series could have limped along for one or two more years, but the ratings would have never drastically improved. It's better the series end now before becoming even more unwatchable and finally receiving a mercy killing.