Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our Own Worst Enemies

I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet. We live in a world where homosexuals deify men such as Oscar Wilde who - do your homework, homos - was clever and talented and witty, but who went to prison not to DEFEND his gayness, but during an effort to DENY IT. In fact, his legal matters stemmed from the fact that, upon being called a "sodomite," by the The Marquees of Queensbury, Wilde sued Queensbury for libel. Take that in.  He considered it so libelous to be called a fag, that he not only denied it, but sued the man who made the allegation. And he's a gay hero. An icon.  Harvey Milk (who was NOT the first openly gay elected official in the USA, in case you're wondering) conveniently waited until he was 40, and for all of his relatives to be dead and buried before coming out. That was his prerogative. The mythology that's built up around him, though, is of a man who led a life of bravely being out and proud. Not really the case. And I don't really care. I don't. But many of the same people who deify these two homosexual men, both of whom went to great lengths to hide their homosexuality (Milk talked about how he came close to marrying a lesbian friend, so that they could each serve as beard for the other) have, over the last couple of days, shit all over actress Jodie Foster's Golden Globe speech. A speech which, if you were paying attention, wasn't about being gay, but about being someone who was thrust in front of a camera at 4, and who has enjoyed almost no privacy, since.

For decades, the queer press has hounded Foster to make a public announcement about her sexuality. She finally did, and she did on her terms. It was pretty much an "I came out to everyone who really matters ages ago. I'm gay. Are you happy? Will you leave me the fuck alone, now?" speech. I thought it was awesome and brave. Not brave because she's now "out" (I never thought she was IN)  but brave because it was a sort of polite "fuck you" to the fame machine.

And before you say that she can't have her cake and eat it, too: she's a performer, not a politician. All she ever owes me is the two hours of entertainment when I pay to see one of her movies. That's it.

So what do queers all over America, and especially in the press, have to say in response to Foster's speech? That she rambled. That she should have just shut her mouth. That she has nerve complaining about a lack of privacy. That she DESERVES to have her privacy intruded upon. One gay person I know actually posted "The key to privacy is silence" over a photo of Foster at the Golden Globes. Um, seriously? Is that some sort of retarded twist on "Silence=Death" for truly stupid gay people?

Other people are saying that her speech wasn't enough. What the fuck more do they want, the precious bastards? Do they need footage of her performing oral sex on another woman, with narration by Ellen Degeneres and a soundtrack by Ani DiFranco?

 Being gay in America sucks, in part, because queers are so fucking bitchy with the in-fighting, misogyny, and double standards.


musing manatee said...

I hear you. Her speech was so REAL. The kind of thing that made me feel so lucky to bear witness to.

I have not been following reactions to her speech. But, I can well imagine the vitriol and asshattery...I hate when people suck so bad.

tammy said...


Not only that, but she had a creepy fucker stalking her for years, who tried to ASSASSINATE THE PRESIDENT and is why the Brady Law now exists. OMG. If anyone has earned privacy, she has. There is A REASON she's so private, and it's not because she's all ashamed of the ghey.

And, she HASN'T lived her regular life in the closet! She's been living it normally, with her family. But, that people think she "owes"the public details about her personal choices in her daily life and advertisements in trade papers and Times Square, they are fucking mistaken.

I'm sure earlier in her life, Disney prohibited her from talking about it, and possibly there are other work related things, but by and large, it doesn't fucking MATTER. I'm so sick of people harping on about how it shouldn't matter what they do in the bedroom, but refuse to apply those standards to anyone with a modicum of fame.

I'm amazed that so many people didn't get what the hell she was talking about, and willfully misinterpreted it. The queer community is their own lynch mob. So. Fucking. Lame.

Melissa said...

"Being gay in America sucks, in part, because queers are so fucking bitchy with the in-fighting, misogyny, and double standards."

this speaks to any minority. divide and conquer.

Snapper said...

Of course you're right, Melissa but, as a member of several minority groups, I can say that this one is the most bitchy and disjointed. The most self-loathing. I don't know any Puerto Rican Klansmen, but I know gay republicans and gay Mormons. I've met gays who think that children should never be told what homosexuality is. And I know a whole mess of young lesbians who say that any woman who doesn't shave her arm pits is "a pig." That's some crazy-ass self-loathing.