Thursday, July 25, 2013

Speak Up

The U.S. Dep't of Justice has invited the public to submit their thoughts on the George Zimmerman verdict, as part of their investigation into the possibility that a federal case will be opened. Any law that allows someone to carry a deadly weapon and use deadly force based on nothing but racial profiling is good for none of us. It's the opposite of law and order - it's lawlessness and chaos. When walking around with dark skin and a hoodie is considered an illegal threat, but walking around with a gun, looking for trouble isn't? We no longer live in a civilized society. I urge anyone who gives a damn to take five minutes and tell the Dep't of Justice that real Americans (Remember us? A bunch of immigrants of all different ethnicities and religions who believe in democracy and fairness? We're still around.) do not support policies or laws that protect and enable the George Zimmermans of the world. 
Send your thoughts to and please pass this along. This is where social networking can shift from being a fun diversion to being a game-changer.

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