Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tina Sloan: Changing Shoes

In my recent interview with Tina Sloan, who has played the role of Lillian Raines on Guiding Light since 1983, there was mention of her one-woman show, Changing Shoes.  Tina said that she'd be performing the show live on stage in various cities on the east coast, and a number of readers have since written for details about where and when they can catch Changing Shoes.  I'll update this as more information about dates and venues becomes available. Her next stop is Atlanta, Georgia: 

September 25th–October 8, 2009
173 14th Street, ATLANTA, GA

Order by phone: 404.733.4738
Mon–Fri 10am–8pm
Sat–Sun Noon–8pm

Order online: Click Here
404.733.4754 - Administration 404.733.4750 - Recorded phone info about current and upcoming events,
To contact by email:

Having spoken with Tina at length, and exchanged many emails, I can tell you that she's got some great stories to tell, has a wonderful -sometimes naughty - sense of humor, and that she's just one of the warmest, most open people you'll ever come across. The minute this show comes anywhere near my city, I'll be the first to get tickets.  

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MJ in Tenn said...

This looks FAB. U. Lous. And Tina is such a fun and sweet person I just want to hug her really energetically!

Thank you Snapper for posting this!