Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why That Damned Kiss Is So Important

That kiss. That damned kiss. We talk about it as if it actually exists which, of course, it doesn't. It might just be that it never will. Why, then, do fans of Guiding Light (and Otalia, specifically) care so much about, talk so much about, fairly obsess over the very idea that Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera might one day, before this show goes off the air, share a kiss? (And do not send me emails or post messages saying that, technically, they have kissed. Because they haven't. That thing in January was cute, but it wasn't a kiss. Not really. It doesn't count. Any lip lock that ends in one person yelling in fear, "WHY???? Why did you do that?!?!?" does not count as a real kiss. Seriously, if you write in about this, I'll just delete your post, because it's lame. And sad.)

Why does this seemingly mythical kiss hold so much significance for so many of us?

Gay Hate is Everywhere, but Gay Love is a Scarcity, Especially in the Mass Media.

Positive images of same-sex love are almost non-existent on mainstream network television, and the outlook isn't much brighter on cable tv. At the same time, anti-gay violence has risen at an alarming rate. The LGBT community needs this kiss like black people needed Julia and Cosby. If television truly has replaced religion as the opium of the masses, it's about damned time the viewing audience took a long, slow hit of positive, loving, hot, not-neutered, lesbian kissing.

Proposition 8 = Hate

I have the unfortunate distinction of living in California, the state that recently passed and upheld Proposition 8 - a law banning marriage between two adults of the same gender. Think about that for a minute. In San Francisco, in 2009, I can go down to the corner dispensary and buy an ounce of marijuana for my migraine headaches, and it's completely legal...but I can't marry the woman I've shared my whole life with for over ten years...Since we can't marry, and aren't considered to be "family", I can't serve as her immigration sponsor...or have her down as my next-of-kin for Social Security purposes. In most states, she'd have no right to visit me, should I be laid up in hospital. Even though we've lived together for ten years, have a healthy income and a ridiculously stable home environment, it'd be difficult and, in some places, impossible, for us to adopt a child who is in desperate need and deserving of a family. If I were killed in some natural disaster, my partner would not be eligible for any kind of aid from from federal programs such as FEMA. If the jerks at CBS continue to keep America's unsullied eyes from viewing the horror of a lesbian kiss, if even that tiny thing is considered too risque, how can any of us believe in a day when Proposition 8 is a thing of the past? The more I think about it, the more I need some of that legalized marijuana, because the fact that I'm denied my civil rights gives me a migraine. (For the record, I support the legalization of medical marijuana...but I'm just saying....)

Olivia Deserves a Little Bit of the Happy

Olivia is a likable character. Even when she's a bitch-on-wheels, I can't help but like her. She's like that scrappy, little mutt down the street who never stops challenging the German Shepherds and Dobermans that pass by. I love that little mutt, because he's all heart. And, in a pinch, it's that mutt I'd want on my team. I feel this way about Olivia. No one deserves to be the loser in love every, single time. And that's been Olivia's history, hasn't it? Well, this dog's day has come, as far as I'm concerned. Olivia has earned this one. She's deprived herself for it. She's sacrificed for it. She's put herself last for it. She's humbled herself for it. She's put everything on the line for it. She's fucking earned this.

We Deserve It

I don't care if I sound like a petulant child. I've watched soap operas for most of my life. I've rooted for Greg and Jenny, Bill and Laura, Miles and Nicole, Sky and Raven, Matt and Vanessa. Hell, I rooted for Roger and Holly, even though it was sick and unhealthy, all because the chemistry was palpable and the acting was so damned good. The acting is just as good, and the chemistry is just as palpable between Olivia and Natalia, and it's not sick or unhealthy - but sweet and redeeming. I've put in my damned time, and I deserve a pay-off. It isn't even necessarily about this being a same-sex story line: if GL had never given us Cliff House and that last Roger/Holly fling (hell, they even got a last kiss, when they weren't even a couple, anymore!), I would have been livid. They owed it to us. And they owe us this one, too. I've put in my damned time. A lot of us have. We deserve at least one meaningful kiss between these two characters who so clearly belong together. Truth be told, we deserve more, but too much time has been wasted avoiding the portrayal of intimacy between these two, and anything more than a kiss, at this stage in the game, would seem rushed and ridiculous. Show us the damned kiss.

There Really is Nothing to be Afraid of

The kiss is important because the fact that there hasn't been a kiss is so damned worrying. What is CBS so damned afraid of? Two beautiful actors, who have great chemistry, playing the parts of people in love with one another, sharing an on-screen moment of intimacy. What about this image is scary? Isn't that basically television gold??? We've seen Olivia have sex with Buzz, while dating Frank. We've seen her pick up two random strangers, while drunk, and wake up the next day in bed with them. We've seen her marry a despicable man, and then sleep with his son. We've seen her hire a hit man to kill someone (who turned out to be her own daughter!!!) We have seen Olivia do despicable things, and we've lived to tell about it. What's more, we still love her. How, then, can Olivia kissing the woman she loves be such scary territory for CBS? The American viewing audience is not afraid of this, so why are network executives being such pussies? When you have no trouble showing us a character lie, cheat, manipulate, commit adultery and plan a murder, but act as if the same character kissing another woman is too dicey what you're really saying is: THERE IS SOMETHING FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG WITH TWO WOMEN KISSING ONE ANOTHER. To that, I say, GROW THE FUCK UP AND JOIN THE 21st CENTURY.

The kiss is important for so many reasons. It's important because we still have a don't ask/don't tell policy in our military. It's important because young people who question their sexuality harm/kill themselves at an alarming rate. It's important because children being raised by same-sex parents have a right to see that they're every bit as normal as everyone else. It's important because there is so little in the way of happy endings in real life these days, that we need every reminder we can get that they are possible, and not just for Christian, white, upwardly-mobile, heterosexuals.

© 2009 Lana M. Nieves

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CG said...

A great read as usual, if overly Olivia-centered. Natalia deserves this too. She's had nothing but bad luck since she was teenager, abandoned pregnant by Gus, and then 18 years later told by him after finally getting married, that he isn't IN love with her even though he tried...Imagine getting told that by the man you thought was the love of your life for 2 decades?! She deserves it. We all deserve it!! I btw, I don't want only 'a kiss', I want many kisses, and I want a making love scene. I will not hope for less, even though I know we probably won't get anything at this rate. Boo CBS or whoever is pulling these strings on Otalia.

P.S.Just an omission at the begining (first paragraph): ''the very idea that Olivia Spencer and might one day''. and...? :)

Snapper said...

Thanks for the edit! I desperately need a proofreader, especially when I write feverishly just before catching the bus in the morning.

As for Natalia? At this point in time, that flat-leaving, Emma-disappointing coward is dead to me. Sorry, but it's going to take a hell of a lot before I think she deserves anything. It's all about Olivia for me, at this point. And, really, it always has been for me, because Olivia's been on the show for a fair amount of time, while Natalia's a relative newbie. I've never been as invested in her chracter as I have been in Olivia. Plus, CC has rocked my world since DOOL (although I'm the rare person who preferred her on OLTL - something about a sexy, gorgeous nun just does it for the Catholic girl in me), while JL just isn't my type.

Natalie said...


TheWeyrd1 said...

CC ALSO wants Otalia to share a "romantic" kiss. Said so on her FB page recently in response to fan question about what she wants for Otalia now. I would imagine that JL wants the same...heh. I mean who wouldn't want a reason to kiss CC on those luscious lips of hers.

DJ Bixby said...

What i want to know is why the Jan. kiss was ok, when no feelings were involved, and now that they are in love it becomes risque? we've all seen it before - prime time drunk cheerleaders kiss is 'ok' but actually showing a positive lesbian story with feelings and physical displays of them is not. Same would apply to Y&R (i think since i haven't watched) showing them getting out of bed together when one of the characters is only doing it for manipulative reasons...like being a criminal covering your tracks through gay sex is better than actually wanting to have gay sex. pleeeeease.

I'm trying to take a step back and just enjoy the end of GL, as a long time viewer I will miss this show. I'll probably be more critical after its off the air. For now i'm going to go back to focusing on the positives (watch all too short ava/Olivia scene again)

goldfishswim said...

I absolutely agree with you. This is Olivia's story and without that kiss her s/l will be incomplete. After ten years of looking every where for love she finally found it unexpectedly. In this environment of hate (Prop. 8) and intolerance, can't CBS show a little leadership and give Olivia what she deserves, a happily ever after sealed with a kiss.
Keep writing Lana. I love your blog.

Snapper said...

Oh, Bixby - don't be silly. Pretending to be a lesbian (or, in Olivia's case, pretending to NOT be a lesbian) is cool, and so is giving the same-sex thing a spin just for fun, or to manipulate others. It's like collecting Pokemon! It's only when two people of the same gender are actually attracted to one another, and completely honest about it that it becomes sordid. You're so naive!

As for the Oliva/Ava scene - I know people loved it. In theory, it was a good scene, but not so much in practice, as far as I'm concerned. CC nailed it, but the young woman who plays Ava had a "something smells bad" look on her face when Olivia disclosed. Even though Ava *said* she was happy, that expression, and bit of crappy acting, soured what could have and should have been a sweet moment for me.

goldfishswim said...

The actress who plays AVA is a model and not a very good actress. Unfortunately she just didn't have the ability to express the wide array of feelings a daughter might have after her mother tells her something so significant. CC, on the other hand, is an amazing actor.

Snapper said...

One of my main complaints re soaps over the last 15 years or so is that they too often cast cheekbones and pecs, not actors. The young woman who plays Ava is a prime example. (It says something that I don't know her name, and don't even care to look it up.)Physically, she could easily pass for Crystal Chappell's offspring. But she's a weak actor. A weak actor in what was once apretty major role...working opposite and alongside some damned strong actors: CC, GT, Bradley Cole and Danny Cosgrove. The irony? All four people I just mentioned bring both the good-looking AND the talent. It's not impossible to find, but central casting seems to settle for "just pretty", more often than not.

Anonymous said...

I agree both need a kiss to once and for all prove to themselves and others that they are not just very close friends who love each other more than anything.

Didn't CBS imagine that a second kiss would come up when they allowed this storyline?

I loved your mention of Sky and Raven from Edge of Night!

Snapper said...

Dude...one of my two high school yearbook quotes was a Raven Whitney line.

Anonymous said...

Good rant Snapper.
Right on.

JCF said...

I second Natalie: Word!

[And for the record, I want more . . . and just may NEED it, by 9/18. It's Two-Thousand-Freakin'-NINE, CBS: WTF?! >:-0]

ugafan14 said...

Great ariticle. We need the kiss and we deserve a kiss

Julie said...

As usual, so much word to everything you wrote - nothing to add really, except by way of (small) consolation: network tv has lost a lot of its power and market share and will continue to do so - and I am hopeful that the inevitable move to online viewing and producing will open up some new possibilities (see Venice) - and I love you for referencing "Julia."

Anonymous said...

At this point the failure of a real kiss - I mean one with palpable sexual desire on display, not some chaste peck on the lips - is more of a statement of homophobia than anything else could be. Just don't have gays on your show at all. Pretend they don't exist. That is better than showing them like this - taking a charismatic sexual loving being like Olivia and neutering her "for the sake of love"? Or showing Natalia [who I know you don't like much snapper] but taking her on this spiritual journey from a childish black and white view of God who punishes from on high for the slightest infraction of church doctrine to a more mature understanding of a god who creates us to love one another first and foremost, and trusts us to work out the details....then to have her backslide and run in fear from the one person who has exhibited more "christian" sensibility about love than anyone on the show - b/c it is a woman?

This is not just common run-of-the-mill ignorant homophobia, it is carefully thought out criminally insulting homophobia. It makes me sad. I think it must be making the actors really really sad too. God bless them for continuing to be so great anyway. They are pro's [right, except for Ava!]. Thanks Snapper.

Kami said...

Perfect article. I especially love the climax.. the last line of the next to last paragraph. I think I will get a bracelet made that says "GTFU"..for 'grow the fuck up'. I love seeing my favorite profound expression used so appropriately!!!

"GTFU - xoxo"

Snapper said...

Julie - Online programming is an exciting idea, but I'm seeing more and more that it's not yet a viable option for high quality productions, because no one has figured out yet how to make such programming a money-maker.

Anonymous - First off, who are you? Don't be shy. Second - whoa, Nellie! I never said I didn't like Natalia much. I said she's not my type, physically, and that Natalia 2.0 is some sort of replicant. I like Natalia just fine. I've written about what a kick-ass character she is and I take credit for being the first to refer to her as a power bottom. That crazy chick who took off on her gf without so much as aw ord? That wasn't even Natalia, as far as I'm concerned.

Kami - That would be a great piece of jewelry. Please send photos.

Ocean1Blue said...

I bet we get the kiss as part of this big reconciliation that they now have to do to explain how Nat and Liv get back together after the lame break up. They sort of have to use the kiss as this big plot device because the non-kiss has caused so much attention. I mean, if they had kissed in the gazebo after the non-wedding it wouldn't have been a big deal, and it really shouldn't. I bet now that Nat kisses Olivia to "prove" her love.

Denisebella said...

That was the best freaking article I have read in a VERY LONG TIME!!!

You are so right - the kiss is SO IMPORTANT for SO MANY REASONS!

Thank you for writing!

carmen said...

It seems pretty apparent that SOMEone, some entity, some power crazed idiot in the business food chain of this production - stepped in at the last moment and Fucked (with a capital F) this storyline up. All evidence on my screen up to, say, Otalia's accidental date was going happily (albiet slowly) down the expresseway to Love-ville. Then somebody grabbed the wheel and turned it callously into the ditch.

What I don't understand is WHO and WHY? If this was the very first opportunity to depict a same-sex kiss on Daytime TV, I could at least expect the timidity. But with all her problems, we've had Bianca (kisses and sex) and hell, we have Nuke - a MALE couple, which usually would be the first to be denied a showing, on Daytime (again with kisses and sex!) So. What. The. Hell. Gives?

I'm not aware of any great outpouring of protest against Otalia, that the suits could be cowering over. Rather, I'm aware of enormous fan support (extending to trying to save the damn show) and really positive press. It just makes no kinda sense.

I want names. I want to know what they knew and when they knew it (ala Nixon). It's just outrageous and I want to know who to "credit" with this apparently deliberate sabotage.

Because is there anyone who doesn't understand that making Natalia pregnant is just a big ol' fetus-sized crotch-block to anything resembling a physical relationship with those two? There is no other reason to go there at this late date. It's freakin' transparent to me.

I agree, Snapper, that I think this s/l got someone's wrath, because it WAS too real. It involved love and not just experimentation. It had heart, it wasn't a stunt, the chemistry was real and convincing - and maybe most importantly, it depicted two formally straight women as falling in love with each other. Was that the real barrier? That nagging muddying of those safe and reassuring sexual boxes?

*sigh* Sorry, feeling my ranty oats today. Thanks for saying all the things that needed to be said, tho. TPTB have to know they aren't fooling all of us with this.

Anonymous said...

great article lana,
for more reasons than just the fact it's a blog about my 2 fav characters who definitly deserve some kissage...i mean, can't you just hear cc saying, after the director yells cut, "are you freakin' serious? i would so be kissing her right now!"...

but i really want to mention how much i love your reasoning why...the current post election climate in the us has created a great deal of space for hate, homophobia and bigotry...a s/l that completely desexualizes a same sex love story, treating it completely different than any other love s/l, simply underscores those prevailing attitudes that were reinforced following, not only prop 8 in cal, but prop 102 in arizona, initiative 1 in arkansas, amend 2 in florida, etc...not to mention that obama invited an outspoken homophobe to deliver the invocation at his inauguration. all of this has effectively legitimized people's bigotry, hate and prejudices and thus justifying (in their sick minds)gay bashing, assault and hate based sexual crimes. the stats suggest that hate crimes against the lgbt community were already on the rise pre-election, and i only see this getting worse. and this was just further exasserbated by the year-end remarks of the pope...as well, obama (who i like and for the most part support), as far as i'm aware, has failed to make good on his election promise to repeal the don't ask/don't tell policy. i'm from canada, so i may not be quite up on us politcs - i may be wrong there. but as silly as it may seem to some, you are so very right, and the no-kiss is a huge deal...lgbtq youth, when compared to their straight peers/counterparts, disproportionatley attempt/commit suicide, work in the sex trade industry, and find themselves on the street...

a kiss isn't always just a kiss - and unfortunately, cbs is fucking this up big time. thanks again for your thoughtful article. cheers,

Anonymous said...

Will my comment be erased? After reading some of your latest columns on your blog, specially the one you were giving tips to the GL writers with a new block buster story “the dream team” from June 18, my immediate thought was that you were using the Otalia fan site as your ticket for notoriety, but after your Tuesday, July 28 enlighten summary I digressed, I believe that maybe you just don’t get the SL in its entirety and like many other arrogant wanna be writers, you condemn the “paid” writers because the story doesn’t go according to your genius literary standards or political one. I find the gibberish on your blog as of late enticing negativity. (The newly formed group) You, the YT minions and the community of perpetual doomness on other open forums (which I’m sure you’re not part of… wink, wink) have managed to disfavor and disrepute this SL using good old fashion negative political propaganda. The lack of kissing and now the pregnancy have doomed everything (according to you) but of course this will never affect the pornographic plagiaristic fanfics that are NOT objectifying these heterosexual actresses. So here we are the people hears your roar, lol. The soap columnists (not all) echo your rants because …well that’s how they get viewers, duh. And after all has been said and done, the only thing that will be remembered of the Otalia story is the infamous pregnancy and the lack of kissing that will overshadow the well crafted year long courtship of these two soap characters and their emotional, spiritual and psychological growth. Any chance of a supercouple status in the main stream is gone and not only that, we knew that after JL left on ML Crystal would be taking Olivia to her awakening or redemption by what we now know to be through a complete meltdown and if you have been a CC fan prior the Otalia SL you know how good she is at taking this character to the next level (perhaps securing her first Emmy as a leading lady next year, because she does have competition) but unfortunately, the pregnancy and the lack of kissing overshadows everything (according to you ). With all the bad publicity coming from the fans, the only thing that’s getting covered is the Venice WS and nothing else; CC performance has not been mentioned. Congratulations, the fans have won. The Otalia SL is the prop 8, Bianca and Reese and all LGBT vindicating vehicle to carry our torch…
Nah, you don’t get it, this is just a WELL ACTED, sweet old fashion love story, rated G= for all GL audiences and a lot of these original loyal fans are older than dirt. This is not YOUR Otalia (Quoted from one of your columns); this is a story for ALL to see
…or maybe you are using the Otalia fan site as your ticket for notoriety?????
I won’t be surprised if you erase my comment, criticize my less than masterly writing skills or get attacked by the YT minions, cuz that what you all do, attack.

Snapper said...

No, your comment won't be deleted. Why would it? I don't feel threatened by anyone who has an opinion which differs from my own.

I do, however, take issue with the "wink,wink" comment about my posting elsewhere. It's a rich bit of criticism from someone who's posted here anonymously. If and when I post on other boards or coment on other blogs, you'll know it, because I don't believe in doing so anonymously.

If you think I don't understand or get that this story line has been well-acted, then you must been selective in terms of which of my blogs you've read. I was more than happy to celebrate the writing of this story line when it was on track and actually portraying two women in love in a positive, realistic light. Now that's it's turned into a bloddy mess with the main characters doing all sorts of things that are totally out of character, I'm more than happy to call the writers out for it. It's called "voicing one's opinion."

Toni said...

I’ll post my comment without anonymity, I have nothing to hide.
Quote: “Now that's it's turned into a bloody mess with the main characters doing all sorts of things that are totally out of character”
Well that’s a load of crap and you probably don’t know it! …Please, even you have mentioned in the past how Olivia is self destructive and Natalia is scared of everything. You know very well, as we all do, that the writers are redeeming some of the characters. Therefore, something has to happen for their individual growth to transpire. Sadly, the time is running out and the Otalia story is not the only SL on GL, they have to spend time on the others as well.
Your soap knowledge is not in question, not even your arrogance bothers me that much. What I find disturbing is that your aggressive barrage seems to have turned into a gay agenda. The whole demeanor of your public (using the 5600 fan site) tirade is based on gays in the media, prop 8= hate and 'the we deserve it' speech; as if they owe us something…did we save the show??? Mmmm, NO. As knowledgeable as you probably think you are, you must know that social groups are easily manipulated by media, that’s how we role, e.g., negative media will automatically have us question things. When a columnist decides “to voice ones opinion” you have to know of the reactions and consequences you guys are responsible for. The consequences in this case are in contradiction of the prime objective of the fan site that you use to voice your opinion.
Let’s be honest, the story began without publicity, when the media suspiciously inquired about it the E.P. EW confirmed this was a story with no labels. Our two characters, as far as we know, are not lesbians… they’ve never slept with other women! This story is about two heterosexual women copying and struggling with the reality and consequences of loving another woman and at the same time trying to get rid of their own personal baggage. Now, once this happens then I can see them rallying with you off into the sunset.

Anonymous said...

i just wanna ask toni and the other anonymous poster prior to snapper's last post: are you watching the same s/l i am?

some of your quotes:

"objectifying heterosexual actresses?"
"... seems to have turned into a gay agenda."
"characters doing all sorts of things that are totally out of character” Well that’s a load of crap and you probably don’t know it!"
“…as if they owe us something”

first of all, who's objectifying these women? these 2 brilliant actresses light up the screen each and every time they appear, they have major chemistry going on, and the telling of their falling in love was a beautiful, patient, and nurtured story line IN THE BEGINNING. further, both actresses seem entirely committed to otalia and have even gone so far as to publicly suggest (cc anyway) that a happy ending, complete with a kiss, should be in store for these two characters. asking that the directors/writers/ptb show some intimacy between these 2 women who have fallen in love, recognized that love, spoken about that love, were about to out themselves to the whole town because of that love, is hardly objectifying them. as a lesbian, who has honestly never been a soap fan, i was drawn to this story line, mainly, because stories reflected in mainstream media that actually speak to me, or depict my social and cultural reality/identity, are almost non-existent, and few and far between at best. there has been nothing at all, imo, to suggest that these women have been objectified, either by the network or the fans that are simply asking for this s/l to play out the same way any other complicated, layered love story would.

second, i'm not sure about snapper (certainly can't speak for her), but i certainly have a gay agenda with regards to this s/l, especially now...i don't care whether these 2 women identify as gay/lesbian/bi/or simply 2 straight women who happened to fall in love. but the directors have spent the last few weeks reinforcing the fact that straight = happy, same sex love = misery...and i might suggest that may have been unintentional; that may not have been their objective...but you can bet the homophobes and rednecks who watch this show equate olivia's spiral out of control, her misery at bizzies' wedding around all of those happy heteros, and her current depth of despair, with, “see? you sick lesbians get what you deserve...” as for politicizing the issue of the non-kiss (which neither of you actually gave voice to, but i sense is the underlying sentiment), we don’t live in a vacuum (to quote olivia)…what is happening onscreen has consequences in the real world and helps to reinforce, validate, and solidify the negative mindsets of those that are out there that want to persecute and hate us, and feel vindicated/justified within their own small-minded bigoted lives.

(apparently my post is too long, so tbc....)

maggie 23

Anonymous said...

i often feel like we're fighting over crumbs, so to speak. they (gl, writers, execs, whoever) have spent 4 months talking about olivia and natalia being a couple and have gone to great lengths to tantalize the audience with “almost” kisses, their lengthy talk about sex, every joint onscreen opportunity to flirt w/one another, yet they haven't kissed yet...it has become the elephant in the room, and you can even see the actresses struggling with their own natural instincts to actually kiss in some of the situations that the writers/directors have placed them in. that is definitely out of character for olivia…she has always been a very sexual being…i’m all for “this love transcends all others” and hence, she’s behaving differently. but there is character growth (being more patient, more compassionate, not jumping into bed with every penis that avails itself to her), and then there is completely out of character. handcuffs, child endangerment, checking up when she should be kissing the woman she says she’s in love with and wants to have sex with, totally out of character, and that’s not a load of crap.

and yes, they do owe us something…if they were going to take that leap into the deep end if the pool and explore/engage in a same sex love story (label it or don’t), then they need to commit to following through with what they started. they have an obligation to make this right… and unless you’re a bigoted homophobe, i don’t know how you can’t agree. sorry, i’m just saying…

maggie 23

Sly said...

There have been some wonderful posts in this conversation and I won't rehash them. My contribution is about the web show and it's contribution to a bit of freedom for real people living real lives wanting reality in our

What makes Venice initially so appealing is to see these two actresses actually kiss. CC has said in the Q&A with Kim Turisi that the first kiss will happen in the first 30 seconds of the show. I think this is to give we the fans of Otalia what we've been wanting for a long time.

But it is also a big plug for the web series. That is fine with me because I think I will just give up the TV and stick with the computer. I find there is much more interesting things to view there anyway and it's on demand.

I refuse to continue to support a facet of the media that won't give we the viewing public what we want in programs that we choose to watch. I simply choose not to watch any programs that censor their content based on something that has anything to do with me and what I want to see.

They may not misconstrue this comment to mean that I will be picking some other shows to watch because I won't be watching any. That hole in their feet is self inflicted.

I say don't watch them, you can find whatever you want to see on the comnputer. I say let TV go to the bone yard where it belongs if it can't keep up with the times.

As a GL listener/viewer for it's entire run and as heartbroken as I am about losihg it I say good riddance to a group of execs and sponsors who live with their heads buried deep into their own, well you know where.

I do worry about all the actors and production staff in TV though, what will happen to them if TV dies? I hope someone will be able to figure that out. I'm looking at this as the next big step in electronic evolution.

Sylvia in Anchorage

Snapper said...

"As a GL listener/viewer for it's entire run and as heartbroken as I am about losihg it I say good riddance to a group of execs and sponsors who live with their heads buried deep into their own, well you know where."

I feel humble and honored that you've chosen to read my blog. You're the listening/viewing public TPTB needed to be catering to all this time: engaged, open-minded and progressive....not static, fearful or biggoted.

Sly said...

"I feel humble and honored that you've chosen to read my blog. You're the listening/viewing public TPTB needed to be catering to all this time: engaged, open-minded and progressive....not static, fearful or biggoted."

Snapper I only wish I had found it sooner, it's been so much fun reading your comments since I did find you. I am so going to miss the show and all the actors coming into my home for so many years. I Used to listen to a couple of other soaps too well one was kind of jsut a show, anyway they were Stella Dallas and One Man's Family.

I think GL has been the very best representation of life that one could find in the soap opera world. I know that a lot of people didn't like the way Ellen Wheeler changed the way it was shot but I thought it was great and set the show on a course that would have stood the test of time if the economy wasn't so bad.

I really don't get the complaints that a lot of people have/had about how the show is shot now. I think the close camera work and teh exterior scenes improved the show tremdously. I like/d seeing natural settings and it was interesting watching them go through the growing pains and learning how to get it right.

I'm so sad for all the crew and the actors who haven't and may not get new jobs. Sometimes being older than dirt has it's perks, I can rave about my soap to all my friends and I have been sharing the Otalia story with my frinds and also the other stories. I so loved Lizzie getting to see Sarah. I'm pretty happy with how all the stories are going actually.

Oh and isn't youtube great! I love being able to see all of the clips anytime I want to and as often as I want to. It's the best thing for a very old lady to have to pass the time. How are you doing with this ending?

How long are you going to keep this blog going after the lights go out nest week? Thanks for doing this and it's been great finding you.

Sylvia in Anchorage

Sly said...

sorry about the typos but every time I use the preview function it deleted my message and I have to start over.

Sylvia in Anchorage

Snapper said...

Sylvia, I'm quite possibly the world's fastest-two-finger-typist, which means I'm an editor's nightmare. Typos galore, as anyone who chats with me in real time can tell you. No apology required.

I have no intention of killing this blgo when GL goes dark - I've had it for a long time but only really made use of it in any significant way for the last few months. I'm really into it, now, and have plans for the future. I hope you'll keep checking it out and making comments. Also, feel free to shoot me an email whenever you like - telpher@gmail.com

I'd love to talk to you about the days of radio soaps. I've been interested in soaps for as long as I can remember, and I'd love to talk to someone who's followed them from radio to television.