Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Day of Nines - episode breakdown

With only eight episodes to go (including today's), I've decided to write a little bit about each episode that airs. Bear with me, some of these folks have been my friends for decades. I expect this to be a little bit of a catharsis.


Otalia's Reunion

I'm warming up to Olivia's decision to give in and get on with the business of being officially "with" Natalia for two reasons: 1) we're running out of time, and I'll be happier to see these two end up together than apart, as the lights dim on Springfield and 2) Crystal Chappell is really good at projecting joy and wonder and, when Liv is happy, I'm happy. 

A couple of people I talked to were less than thrilled with Natalia's reaction to Olivia's "I love you" and felt she should have returned the sentiment. I'm not Nat's biggest fan right now, but I was fine with the way she handled it. First of all, I'm not in favor of saying "I love you" just because someone else has said it. Second, I thought it showed us something we hadn't really seen, lately: Natalia actually listening to Olivia, instead of just waiting for her turn to talk. It worked for me. I thought it was sweet, and I thought it was significant. 

As an old friend of mine used to say, "If you like it, I fucking love it." If it makes you happy, Olivia Spencer, I'm there. You got your girl - that's what matters. And I no longer have any expectations, except that I'll need Kleenex on September 18th.

Naming the Baby: Cut a Guy Some Slack

So, we have Liv and Nat together as head-butting, face-touching, hand-holding more-than-friends and co-moms. This does not and should not eliminate Frank Cooper from the equation. He is, after all, father of the unborn baby. A lot of fans seem to be pretty pissed at Frank for being less than thrilled about Olivia being in on the baby-naming. Frankly, the Frank-hate/man-hate is getting really old. Frank is the baby's father, period. He didn't abandon Natalia. He didn't rape Natalia. He never forced her to do anything. As soon as he found out she was carrying their baby, he made it clear he intended to be a stand-up guy. 

This is not a pregnancy story about a lesbian couple who hired a sperm donor. It's a pregnancy story about a man and woman who had sex and a relationship that didn't pan out, and who are now expecting a baby that they both intend to parent, even though they are not a couple. It's really not all that unusual a situation. The fact that the mother-to-be's new partner is a woman is the only element that's not what we usually see. Pretend Olivia isn't the hottest woman you've ever seen but, instead, a guy. Some guy Natalia is in love with and wants to marry. Because that's the role that Olivia has in this equation. Do you think it would be a given that Natalia's husband-to-be would have a part in the naming of the baby she was carrying, even though the baby's father was 100% in the picture? No, he wouldn't. It seems clear from the way the baby-naming scene played out that Natalia hadn't mentioned to Frank that she expected and had invited Olivia to have an equal role in naming the baby. Frank's reaction, then? Completely reasonable and logical. 

Also, Frank gets points with me for suggesting they wait and see what the baby is like before naming her. Blake and Natalia's theory that a kid who isn't named before birth will end up with a complex is, simply put, retarded. Naming a baby before she's born is fine. So is waiting to see what a baby is like. A complex? Just stupid.


This story is stupid. Who cares? How did Jefferey get a job in law enforcement when he can't shoot a man standing five feet away? I don't give a damn.

The Spaulding and Raines Families

Sweet Jesus, are they trying to kill me? I've become weepy so many times this past week due to Phillip's fake disease, that I've lost count. I don't care that it's a made-up disease that they never even bothered to create a name for. I don't care that Grant Aleksander is way too robust and healthy looking to play a guy who has just days to live. I don't care that Zack Conroy has one of the stiffest bodies I've ever seen on a teenager (is his spinal column fused at the neck?) I don't care that it's ridiculous the way Lizzie is not pregnant, even though the actress playing the part so obviously is. All I know is, Phillip and Alan and Alex and Beth and Lillian have poured their hearts out, time and again, and I love it. Today was awesome. Beth and Phillip! Beth and Lillian! (side note: are they the best-looking mother/daughter team this side of Holly and Blake, or what?) James and Phillip! Alex and Alan! 

Reva, Josh, Jonathan

I don't give a good goddamn.


Kudos to whoever had the good sense to have Olivia and Alex's encounter end in a an air hug that was as uncomfortable as Natalia's fake baby bump. That scene is exactly as it should be. 


Christa said...

I actually think the name the baby after its born was kinda a tongue in cheek thing since that's what Jessica said she was doing with Ivy.

Love your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Love your blogs. For Otalia fans hating Frank has been easy. Long time viewers know Frank is not the ass he has been made out to be. Yes, he should have a problem with Natalia not even mentioning the fact she asked Olivia to "help" name the baby but from the editing he took it well. I guess Olivia's excitement of him being "Chief" helped matters but that was Olivia calming the waters not Natalia. If I did not enjoy CC and JL's acting and pure beauty I would have fast forwarded through their scenes since May. Loved, Loved the awkward "hug" between Alex and Olivia. Its a sad day when my favorite GL couple of all time Bud and Reva bore me to tears.

Snapper said...

Personally, I think people are so in love with the idea of Olivia and Natalia, that they forget Frank is supposed to be as much a real person as nat and Olivia are. Someone in his position would have some pretty bad feelings, anyone who tells you they wouldn't have bad feelings in his position is plain lying/full of shit. Sorry, but it's true. Re the naming: he made a face, but then he moved on and, from the way the show was edited, seemed fine to be the coffee guy while Olivia and Natalia basically took over the naming. Pretty decent, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Frank is a saint! I would not be carrying the boxes as my ex moved in with the person I got dumped for! Give the poor man a break. So he rolled his eyes a little. I think it was an ironic eye roll. Like "great this is a little preview into the rest of my life" Everyone complained how terrible the baby s/l is because they would be tied to Frank. But Otalia is getting exactly what they always wanted. He will also always be tied to Olivia.

sweetiedarlinmia said...

Thank you for mentioning the Olivia/ Alex awkwardness. It would've been just all kinds of wrong for them to behave any differently toward each other. They've never been too keen on each other (to put it lightly), so why would that drastically change now? (though it happens all the time in Springfield these days).

By the by, love your blogs. They're one of the only things that have made this spiral to the end remotely bearable. Particularly loved your Holly & Roger post.

Chele said...

I so agree about Frank Cooper. As I said when I called the BPD pod a while back... the Cooper's might be loud but they are a stand-up family and one that I certainly saw played out this way with the Otalia coupling and new baby.

I know fans were pissed about the baby arc and it certainly wasn't the smartest beat ever but the story was always about their love developing as they became a family and Frank is part of that family.

Thank you for being someone who sees Frank's place in this situation and understanding he deserves to be.