Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Olivia's Got Game

This is bugging me a lot. Yesterday we watched as Blake told Natalia that she'd "screwed up big time" re the wedding-that-never was. And we also watched as Olivia stood by and didn't say anything. She didn't stand up for the woman who is her friend, not to mention her beloved. She didn't do or say anything, and that's not like Olivia. No way. Olivia's not a tame kitten, she's a lioness. In her own words, when Olivia gets hit, she hits back. She's a tough cookie. She's had to be. And she's at her toughest when her near and dear are vulnerable. Case in point (around :30)

 Now, where was this Olivia, yesterday?


samxart said...

I agree with you that Liv has changed. For better or worse I know not. But my understanding of Liv right now is that her whole world is up side down. She literally doesn't know which way is up with her and Nat. This is all totally new territory for them both and they are both scared to death.

Yes, she pokes at Nat to get her to keep moving forward, but she's not protesting about the pacing they are taking in figuring out who they are to each other. She is just constantly making sure they are something to one another and are continuing to move forward, even if it is at a snails pace.

Nat may be the one saying that she isn't speaking up about their relationship to people because she honestly doesn't know what to say, but Liv is agreeing with her. They are both in the same boat.

The other issue, regarding Blake's statement is that in some ways she's speaking the truth. Both Nat and Liv screwed up... big time! Maybe not in the way Blake meant, but Liv and Nat used Frank and hurt him and his family. Fact. Liv may be a lioness, but she knows what battles to fight... those she's confident to win. Liv is feeling just as guilty about Frank as Nat is, so I don't think she knew what to say to Blake's remark. It was the truth. It also wasn't her place to speak for Nat. She's learning her lesson on that point... I hope.

JMHO, of course. Cheers!

Snapper said...

I totally agree that Olivia and Natalia used Frank, and that it was wrong. But Blake doesn't know that, because she doesn't know the real reason the wedding was called off. I think Olivia would be more than happy to take the blame for whole wedding debacle, but I don't for a minute believe she'd just stand there and allow Blake to say something like that to Natalia. Olivia has definitely changed a lot, but she's still a tigress.

And yes, yes, yes to what you say about how Olivia keeps prodding Natalia to move forward, but that she's actually quite happy that things are going slowly. I'm in total some ways Olivia is more afraid than Natalia. People often think of Natalia as naive and weak, but shes been a single mother, raising a kid on her own in the big city...a kid she had when she was 17 or whatever. She has had to get herself thorugh some pretty tough situations in life. She has a lot more backbone than anyone gives her credit for.