Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Questions

What the hell is DOLL brand beer? Couldn't they think of a better fake name for the stuff Frank gets drunk on? And, why does he even need a six-pack, if he's headed back to the bar?

Why is Frank hanging out at a lesbian bar? Check out the two bar maids, not to mention the chick who hits on him. 

I know Emma goes to an expensive private school, but they take way too many field trips. The landfill. The organic farm. Some overnight jaunt. Do they actually learn anything?

What makes Blake comfortable horning in on two women she knows, but isn't close to?
Further, does she have any concept of boundaries?

Who ripped Olivia's back open and pulled her spine out? Why is she so passive as Blake shoots her mouth, in a pretty nasty way, about something that's clearly making Natalia uncomfortable? Even a plain, old, platonic best friend would be all, "Hey! Watch how you talk to her!"

When did getting a massage or salt treatment become a spectator sport? Would anyone allow someone to sit by and watch as they had a spa treatment???

How the hell do the girls think they'll each get home, if they arrived in one car, but have decided that one of them will storm off? Don't they know they're gearing up for the Sam-and-Diane/ "are you as turned on as I am?" moment?

Doesn't it freak the shit out of Mallet that he used to have Frank as a brother-in-law, and now he has him as a father-in-law? And does it make Marina throw up a little bit in her mouth, every time she looks at her baptism photo, in which Mallet is holding her in his arms? Because he's her GODFATHER!!!!!

Why is Shayne worried about Reva showing Dinah his baby pictures? Doesn't he remember that Dinah is Vanessa's daughter, and that Vanessa was married to Billy, and that Dinah was totally around when Shayne was a baby?  Oh, no, he doesn't remember...because Dinah used to be like 17 years older than him, and now they're the same age. 

Why do people think it's weird that Marina actually wants to, you know, spend time with her new baby??? Every time she talks about leaving work, or worrying about Henry, she's laughed at as if she's suggested the moon is made of cream cheese. They went to a lot of trouble to adopt that kid, of course she wants to be with him. It's called "PARENTING."

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Great questions and great post really!!!!