Saturday, May 9, 2009

Soap Fans of the World, Unite

In an impressive show of loyalty and support, fans of Guiding Light have organized a "Save The Light" rally, to be held in NYC, on May 22nd.

For more details, to find information about similar events in your area, or to make suggestions on how to make the rally as visible as possible, check out the event's official website:

My suggestion: rally organizers should get the various labor unions involved in the production of Guiding Light involved. Both NYC and New Jersey are union territories. The folks who work in production and post-production, the food services people, the actors, the transport people....chances are they're all union members. Labor unions may well be interested in promoting this rally, or even sending members participate. The cancelation of GL doesn't just mean that fans will no longer have their daily fix. It means that hundreds of people will find themselves out of work. In this economy, that's a story the media may well want to pay attention to and give some coverage.

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